Williamson ICL Suction Cannula

Designed by Charles H. Williamson, MD* as a means of manipulating an ICL atraumatically. The cannula fixates on any part of an ICL with vacuum hold from a phaco machine to place, manipulate or remove the ICL with no pressure on the capsule, iris or other delicate ocular tissue. 

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* Dr. Williamson has no personal financial gain or interests in this instrument of Diamatrix.

As discussed on the Refractive Alliance Forum Jan 12, 2021, at 8:46 PM, Refractive Alliance Forum


"Sometimes rotation of a misaligned ICL can be delicate. Initial placement of ICL usually is done with a rounded spatula “tire-tooling” under an iris. Removal of and ICL usually requires to get a push-pull or some hook under ICL and lift it without touching capsule. 


20 years ago ...I designed a suction cannula that can literally fixate a suction hold on any part of an entire ICL and place it, manipulate it or remove it with no pressure on capsule or iris. Neat little thing. Never seen another one so maybe it’s one of a kind... this one lasted me 20 years...." -Charles Williamson, MD