Ophthalmology's Only Multi-Use Guarded Knives

Consistently sharp knives that drive value, reduce waste, and protect against sharps injuries.

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ProTekt Knives are better for patients, facilities, and the environment

"Nobody throws away their retractors, choppers, hooks, forceps or phaco handpieces after completing a cataract case. Why in the world would some of us throw way our scalpels? With Diamatrix ProTekt multi-use safety knives, we don't have to."

Dr. Loden

James Loden,MD, Nashville, TN

consistent sharpness

Built for safety

PROTEKT Knives are built to meet OSHA mandates for sharps-safety without compromising quality or value. PROTEKT is the only guarded ophthalmic knife available in disposable and multi-use versions.


Williamson Trapezoid

Available in popular sizes


MVR Style, Paracentesis

Available in .8mm, 1.1mm and 1.4mm


Slits + More

Multiple Sizes & Configurations 

Ecological solution

Multi-Use Availability

We use less plastic than other guarded knives and with our multi-use options your facility can positively impact the environment, slashing blade counts by up to 94%.


"My incisions seal better with [ProTekt] blades than with any other metal blade I have tried. I would strongly recommend this knife to my colleagues.


Fritz Bruening, M.D. - Flint, Mi


Save Money

ProTekt Multi-Use knives are almost as economical as our diamond knives. Reduce your blade purchase costs by up to 90%


Sharps Safety

You really don't want do get stabbed by a knife do you. Sharps Saftey protect you and the staff from all sorts of nasty stuff!

Earth Friendly

Environmentally Mindful

Reusing ProTekt Multi-Use blades is the earth-friendly option, less waste!

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